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Over the past decade, there have been major advances in the plumbing industry. Modern tankless water heaters are becoming more and more popular due to their vast benefits that they bring, from amazingly long life spans to energy savings. This technology is here to stay and is quickly becoming a favorite among young professionals, small families, condo & town home owners, as well as for small business owners.

As your top Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation company in Henderson, we have happily helped countless people make the transition from traditional storage tank water heaters to a modern tankless heating solution. Read below for more information on some of the benefits and things to consider when deciding if a new tankless water heater is the right choice for you.

The Amazing Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters


Hot Water On Demand

Because tankless water heaters only operate when you signal that you want hot water, they are built to heat up water almost instantaneously. The delay between turning a hot water and having hot water come out the faucet is only due to the water needing to travel through your plumbing pipes.

Zero Water Waste

Zero Water Waste

If you love eco-friendly appliances, then you will love the fact that tankless water heaters produce virtually zero water waste. They use recirculation technology to only produce hot water when needed, instead of storing hot water in a large tank (where much of the hot water will cool and never be used).

Long Lasting Water Heaters

Longer Lasting

According to energy.gov, tankless water heaters can easily last well over 20 years. This is much longer than traditional storage tank water heaters, which normally start giving you issues after 10-15 years. This means huge savings from not needing to replace your water heater as often.

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space saver tankless water heater

Space Savings

Because tankless water heaters do not require large tanks to store hot water, they can save you tons of space! This makes them the perfect option for apartments, condos, and small homes. They have the flexibility to be installed anywhere in your home, such as by a sink or laundry room.

modern wifi tankless water heater

Modern Technology

Certain tankless water heater models have recirculation technology and even built in wifi. This allows you to create hot water schedules for peak hours, saving you even more time and money. They are the epitome of energy-efficient water heating for smart homes.

Water Heater Energy Guide

Energy Savings

A tankless water heater is an energy-efficient water heater, because it heats the water on demand instead of storing a large amount of water and then using it. Because they use less energy and are more efficient, they can easily save you hundreds of dollars every year 

How Tankless Water Heaters Work


Tankless water heaters work differently than traditional ones because of how they heat up water. This is done directly without the need of a hot water storage tank.

The water travels through a pipe into the unit and is instantly heated either by a gas burner or electric coil heating element. A water flow sensor unit then detects the water flow and sends a signal to the heating elements to start firing. The water then rapidly flows through the heat exchanger that raises the temperature of the water to the preset temperature.

As a result, tankless water heaters deliver a constant supply of hot water, rather than waiting for a storage tank to fill up with enough hot water. Once you turn off the hot water knob, a signal is then sent to shut down the unit – saving you energy expenses overtime.

Because of their “hot water on-demand nature,” they do have a cap to their output flow rate (residential tankless water heaters average between 2-5 gallons per minute). This means that for every minute that you have your hot water knobs turned on, they can supply you with a max of 2-5 gallons of hot water. For most small homes only running one or two faucets at a time, this is more than enough hot water supply.

If you need more hot water on demand, you may be better off getting a gas tankless water heater as they typically produce higher flow rates than electric tankless water heaters. Should flow rate still be of concern, you also have the option to install separate tankless water heaters for separate appliances, such as one for your washer machine, and another for the rest of your home.



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Do Tankless Water Heaters Work For Larger Homes or Businesses?

Commercial buildings can save money by installing tankless water heaters. The first advantage of tankless water heaters is that they don’t need to be installed on a septic system. 

Another advantage of using tankless water heaters in commercial buildings is that they use less energy than their counterparts. Installing more than one tankless water heater is still just as cost-effective as installing a regular water heater in an office building or commercial space.

The last two advantages are linked to costs: regular maintenance and installation costs will be lower, making them an affordable option. Tankless water heaters will require less maintenance since they don’t have a tank that needs to be drained periodically, and are also easy to install and do not need to go through complicated piping procedures in order for them to work.

Should I buy Tank or Tankless?

Tankless water heaters are a popular choice for homeowners because they offer the best of both worlds when it comes to heating water. While storage tank water heaters are typically found in a home’s garage basement (because they require constant ventilation), tankless water heaters can be installed on an outer wall of the house or inside.

The two main differences between these options is cost and convenience. Tankless water heaters cost more up front but are more efficient overall as they require less energy to function. Storage tank water heaters are usually slightly cheaper up front.

Homeowners should also keep in mind maintenance and installation costs. Tankless water heaters require very little maintenance whereas storage tank systems must have their parts periodically replaced. 

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