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Not everyone’s a big fan of a freezing cold shower. If your hot water heater stops working, don’t wait. Call a trusted water heater company in Henderson, NV ASAP!

Here at Henderson Water Heater Pros we take pride in providing you with some of the best parts and service in the industry. From simple tank repairs at Lake Las Vegas residential properties to major water system overhauls in Seven Hills and at the South Las Vegas Premium Outlets, our team is at your service.

If you’re looking for a water heater repair professional in the area, count on us to get your heater back up in no time. Our team is well-versed in light commercial tank types (gas and electric) and instant or tankless water heaters.

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Affordable Maintenance

Gas Water Heater Installation Henderson NV

When the water heater gives up at the most inconvenient time, it’s a problem. Doing your dishes, washing your clothes, and even a good shower — these tasks must be put on hold. But if you think your water heater is broken, don’t shop for a new water heater just yet.

Before you shop for models, let our professionals diagnose your current model. Some gas or electric water heater models may only require a simple repair.

During our consultation, we ask your the following:

  • The make and model of your water heater
  • The type of unit (electric or gas water heater; tankless or instant)
  • The accessibility and location of the tank
  • The storage capacity
  • If the water heater is connected to a recirculating pump

While you can DIY some water heater repair concerns, it’s best to leave them in the hands of a professional. Instead of saying “I’ll fix my water heater,” let us fix your water heater.

Our team of trained, licensed and certified technicians has successfully performed many water heater repair services in the Henderson area. They can perform a thorough inspection and drain the tank (when necessary) to determine the problem. Trust our team to perform repairs when possible, as well as recommend solutions. We’ll try our best to repair the tank before we recommend replacing your current model with a newer and more reliable model.

We can also prolong the life of your tank with our water heater maintenance services. Our team can improve the longevity and function of your water heater, saving you more costs in the long run, as well as avoiding early replacement.

Finally, we are also the name you can trust when you need water heater installation and replacement. We can send a technician to your home to install a newer and more energy-efficient water heater. If you need help in selecting a water heater model, we can also provide you with recommendations.

Instead of installing the heater yourself, let our team make sure that your newer model is properly connected and works flawlessly. We double-check all aspects of your new model before we consider a job done.

Common Water Heater Repairs

Electric Water Heater Installation Henderson NV

Apart from asking about your current water heater, we learn about the potential cause(s).

Over time, water heaters break down due to constant use and other external elements. Water flows in and out of the water heater tank, causing sediment to accumulate at the bottom. This leads to different issues: low water pressure, ineffective heating elements, and blockage.

Our team of water heater specialists deals with common water heater problems such as:

  • Too little hot water. Most of our clients experience water heaters that release too little water. Usually, this can be addressed by turning up the thermostat’s temperature. However, this can be a scalding hazard, especially if you turn the temperature too high.
  • A noisy water tank. Is your water heater making noise? There are many potential culprits behind it. One of the most common culprits is the sediment at the bottom of your tank. As a result, the heating element burns the sediment, which causes noise. Draining the tank once a year prevents the problem. Another culprit behind a noisy water tank is a burnt-out heating element. If this is the case, you’ll need a professional’s help.
  • No hot water. No hot water is worse than experiencing too little water. If you don’t have any hot water when you turn on the faucet and you have a gas-powered water heater, the problem could be a blown-out pilot light. This can be due to a faulty pilot control valve. Another potential culprit could be the thermocouple (for a gas model) or a heating element (for electric water heaters) that needs to be replaced.
  • Smelly water. Foul-smelling hot water is a sign of bacteria in the water. You can solve this by flushing the tank then filling it with a hydrogen peroxide-water solution. Let the solution sit in the tank for an hour or two. Next, flush the solution with clean water. But if both cold and hot water coming out from faucet smells, your water heater may not be the problem.
  • Leaking tank. The smallest leaks can still compromise the function of your tank. At the first sign of a leak, get in touch with our water heater company in Henderson.

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When you work with us, you are working with experts. Each year, we re-train and improve our plumbing contractors so that our clients receive the best water heater services available. There’s always room for improvement in our services.

Finally, we guarantee superior quality of services. While we are eager to take big water heater projects, we prefer to focus on quality instead of quantity. We tell our clients our recommendations, inform them of a realistic deadline and accommodate all of their concerns. We take our reputation seriously, which is why we’re determined to deliver the best services for our clients.

End your water heater problems with the water heater experts in Henderson. Call or text us at (702) 389-9114 to get a quote.


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