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Your water heater is an essential daily appliance. Choosing the right one for your needs is crucial. It can be the difference between needing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace your water heater in just a few years, versus having a water heater that meets all of your needs and will last you several decades to come. From washing dishes to bathing to laundry and cooking, you use hot water more than you may realize. The last thing you want is a water heater that is not providing you with enough hot water when you need, or worse, a water heater that is constantly breaking down and requiring repairs. 

If your current water heater is over 10 years old, or is needing constant repairs, it may be time to consider a water heater replacement for your home or business. We offer free estimates on our service and all parts installed by us come with a warranty so that you can have the peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best possible water heater unit at a fair price from people who care about their workmanship. Our plumbing technicians are professionally trained and certified and are prepared to handle any of your plumbing needs.

High Quality Water Heater Replacement

We Only Supply The Best Quality Water Heaters Available​

When you get a new water heater replacement from us, you are getting access to commercial-level quality that you would not have been able to get, should you have purchased a new water heater yourself directly from a Home Depot, Lowes, or Costco.

Many of the consumer water heaters available to you are built with lower-grade materials, such as plastic parts instead of metal, so that they can provide them at lower rates. But this doesn’t exactly save you money, as these water heaters break down much quicker, and require much more repairs early on, costing you thousands more over their lifespan.

Not only are our water heater prices are fair and competitive, but they are of much higher quality, come with free warranties & maintenance.

Call us today for a FREE estimate! We are looking forward to helping you with all of your plumbing needs for your home or business.


Gas Water Heater Replacement

Gas water heaters are the most popular option for homeowners in Henderson and Las Vegas. As the name implies, it gets heated with natural gas or propane. When you turn on the hot tap, cold water travels through your pipes to the bottom of the tank where it gets heated instantly by burning natural gas or propane.

On average, a 50 gallon gas water heater will deliver about 60-70 gallons of hot water per hour – which is enough for 4 to 5 people and can be easily mounted to a wall or installed to be floor standing

The Benefits of Gas Water Heaters:

  • Gas is much cheaper and lasts longer than electricity, which saves homeowners money in the long haul
  • The water heater tank does not get as hot as an electric one
  • They have longer lifespans, and can last 20+ years
  • Installation is affordable as long as you have a working pressure and water supply in your house

The Cons of Gas Water Heaters:

  • If they run out of fuel or have a malfunctioning pilot light, this will cause them to stop working.
  • The initial cost is usually more than electric water heaters.
  • Gas models require venting and can be dangerous if not properly installed
Electric Water Heater Replacement in Henderson

Electric Water Heater Replacement

Electric water heaters are common in apartment complexes and condos. They make a great option for small families or smaller homes. Normally located in the garage or basement, they typically costs less to purchase and install than an identical capacity gas water heater.

Benefits of Electric Water Heaters

  • The cost of installation for the unit is typically lower because it doesn’t require plumbing and a gas line to be installed.
  • Because they do not need to have a vent installed, you will save on installation costs as well as repair costs after warranty expires
  • Electric water heaters are never affected by fluctuations in fuel costs, making them economically advantageous.
  • Electric water heaters are safer than gas water heaters because they do not pose risks for explosion

Cons of Electric Water Heaters:

  • Compared to conventional gas powered water heaters which may last up to 25 years before requiring replacement, electric water heaters typically have a shorter life expectancy of around 15 years.
  • Electric units sometimes may not be able to provide enough hot water to meet the needs of multiple users. Additional units would be required for large families and commercial use where several showers need to run simultaneously.

Need help with your water heater service?


GIVE US A CALL NOW! For professional water heater service at competitive rates

Need help with your water heater service?


GIVE US A CALL NOW! For professional water heater service at competitive rates

Storage Tank Water Heater Replacement Henderson

Storage Tank Water Heaters

Storage tank water heaters have been tested and proven for decades. They are by far the most common type of residential water heater used. Because of their high availability, it will be easier to find plumbers to work on them if they have any issues, as well as easier to quickly find replacement parts when you need them. They are the most common hot water solution compared to their more modern tankless counterparts.

Pros of a Tank Water Heater:

  • Tank water heaters lower upfront installation costs 
  • Storage tank water heaters are less expensive upfront
  • Tank water heaters can be uninstalled and reinstalled should you decide to take them with you if you move

Cons of Regular Tank Water Heaters:

  • Storage tank water heaters use up more energy and produce more emissions
  • They require regular draining & flushing, costing you more in ongoing maintenance
  • They are much larger than tankless water heaters, taking up important space in smaller homes or apartments
  • They take longer to heat up water (up to 30 minutes) and will need time to recover
Tankless Water Heater Installation Henderson NV

Tankless Water Heater Replacement

Tankless water heaters, also called “on-demand water heaters”, are growing more and more in popularity. They are the more modern option available after some major advances in the plumbing industry. If you are a small family or business and care about having a green, environmental-friendly appliance, they are the perfect option for you!

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters:

  • Tankless water heaters will save you money on your energy bills
  • They take up significantly less space in your home
  • They don’t require regular maintenance and their parts last longer, saving you more money over the long haul
  • With a lifespan of up to 30 years, they last much longer than traditional water heaters

The Cons of Tankless Water Heaters:

  • Tankless water heater installation is expensive because of the plumbing required to install them correctly (often requiring electrician work)
  • They are less ideal for large families or businesses with higher hot water needs
  • They normally cost more up front to purchase
  • They are slightly more noisy than storage tank water heaters



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